Thursday, December 2, 2010

Overview of test instructions

  • The test is very easy to follow. The audio tape will begin with a 5 second count down to get you ready to start running.
  • When the audio tape says begin, run across the 20 meter distance and touch the line with your foot by the time the beep sounds.
  • At the sound of the beep, you are to turn around and run back to the other end.
  • If you get to the line before the beep you must wait for the beep before running the other direction.
  • Continue doing this process until you fail to reach the line. One miss is allowed, just turn around where you are when the beep sounds to try and catch up. If you miss a second time then your test is over.
  • A single beep will sound at the end of the time for each lap.
  • A triple beep will sound at the end of each minute. The triple beep serves the same function as the single beep and also tells you that the pace will be getting faster. Treat the triple beep as a single one, Do not stop running, just continue the test by turning and running toward the other end of the area.

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